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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 11, 2014 10:09pm-10:16pm EST

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and these are all on youtube, on the admin page and also on the crisis website. we have also developed a very video, andn safety he talks about the safety of family members in the home and safety of others if guns are not kept safe. --the veterans crisis line has anyone not heard of the veterans crisis line? ok, so it is a pretty well known resource. and they are all mental health professionals. them are family , and there is held to be
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received. >> we have also developed an online chat and there is a chat service where there is a one-to-one chat with veterans or family members or friends or service members, and i went to also make sure that you are aware that the veterans crisis line has been doubled branded to be the military crisis line, because we want our service members or those in the guard or reserve, we do not want veterans or those who do not consider themselves the veterans, reaching out in any way at any point. and we also have a texting service.
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838255, and we have had a number of extraordinary texts where we have supported people just through that little phone that and there is no problem. we want to reach them where they are at, whether it is over the computer or text. in the next section, another resource that i wanted to make sure you are aware of is make a connection. make the connection dot net. in your folder, on the right side of the folder, there is a flyer that more fully explains what the connection does, and we also have a wallet card on make the connection, and we also have a card for the veterans crisis line. -- oh,want more of these you are kidding me. two minutes left. if you want more of these, you can contact your local
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coordinator, and if they have run out of supplies, you can just contact me. that it biggest thing think can be especially helpful for you is the community provider toolkit. he --s bullet point for bullet .3. onse are for the clinicians the issues that may come up specifically about veterans, so we have a mini clinic. we have a mini clinic on tbi. we have a mini clinic on suicide prevention with veterans, where we give you all of the tools that we use at v.a., and we have translated them so you are aware of military culture and all of those sorts of things so that you can then engage with veterans the same way we do, and we have really wanted to make ise that this toolkit disseminated for all of you, so
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if you can also pass that along, we want to make sure you are aware of that, so that is for you and for us and you to work together. i think i am probably out of time, but i will look forward to your questions. my e-mail address. please e-mail me. c-a-i-t-l-i-n at havingou so, so much for me here today. really wonderful collaboration, thank you. [applause] >> now that she is breathing again, diane, can you continue our program, please? >> i am going to sit, because i
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am training for a marathon, and my feet are killing me. also honored to be part of this panel. we have some programs you can share. and this is consistent with our mission and congressional charter to maintain the commitment to those who serve in the u.s. armed forces. so dr. turner alluded to a lot of challenges, and veterans today unlike other wars, they are married, and with children, they have experienced multiple or -- multiple deployments. and they have trouble. according to the u.s. and euro of labor statistics, since 9/11,
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-- the bureau of labour statistics, it is up compared to nonveterans. many enter the civilian communities with large financial the homeless vets, as dr. turner stated, is at its highest level. additionally, the stress on the system has prevented many veterans from getting treatment. even many have been diagnosed with mental health disorders. according to research, more than 18% of veterans who served in iraq and afghanistan have mental health problems. the entrance, especially older ones, have difficulty understanding and accessing services because many services available to them because of the sunny benefits have changed over the years, and finally, 90% of


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